A new leather product needs to be properly treated in order to prolong its life and to help maintain its natural oils.

Do not let dirt and sweat residue build up on your leather, as this will have a drying effect on it, the main cause of cracking.   Especially vulnerable are any buckle and billet ends where they meet the bit, and stirrup leathers where they loop through the irons, therefore these need to be kept clean and supple.

Prolonged direct sunlight will fade the leather colour as well as drying out the natural oils, if the leather has become very wet, through water or sweat allow it to dry out naturally then clean off any dirt, and condition with preferably natural ingredient products such as a glycerine or lanolin based saddle soap/cream.


Never use artificial heat to accelerate the drying process as this can allow the leather to become brittle, which could eventually crack, possibly without warning, and could be the cause of an accident.


For your own safety, you should regularly check before use, leather and stitching for signs of stress and wear and replace/repair as necessary.


For further help and information on leather care, contact your  supplier.

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